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Indulge in a special experience that combines peace and relaxation, with an emphasis on service, values ​​such as listening, connections and personalization.

A variety of custom hosting packages

Accommodation and spa at the Golden Crown Hotel Nazareth which offers a variety of accommodation packages, meals, conferences and tour packages, for a perfect group hospitality experience & Includes pampering packages.

Health of body and mind- A worldview that sanctifies your body and mind

Club facilities - The variety of facilities for the care and maintenance of the body's health

Exclusive fitness club Gym with the best equipment in the world.

A pampering spa with attention to detail - Freedom for the body Pleasure for the soul: Our treatments give our guests the perfect experience, combining the variety of activities possible at the club and hotel, for a special and unforgettable treat.

 Why choose hotel in Haifa?

Because the city of Haifa is bustling with life and full of activity centers throughout the day. The Madatech Museum, the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, with an abundance of rich and fascinating permanent exhibitions, as well as rotating exhibitions presenting the forefront of technological advancement to children.


A hotel in Haifa near the amazingly beautiful Bahai Gardens invites you; the beach and the city streets with an ancient character and a magical atmosphere await you.


Haifa is located a short and very comfortable drive from the central region, yet is also a convenient springboard close to the entertainment and nature sites of our beloved northern region.

This is without a doubt the ultimate strategic location for a luxury hotel in Haifa, for planning a dream vacation that includes a taste of all worlds.

spa at golden crown nazareth hotel

When you book accommodation in Haifa, note that the Golden Crown is a luxury hotel in Haifa

where you can enjoy all the amenities of well-designed fully equipped rooms, a relaxed business lounge, rich kosher cuisine, laundry and ironing rooms, a modern fitness room with a variety of classes to choose from, and more.

At the Templers Hotel, you can enjoy the Haifa atmosphere with a Templer flavor, and all the pampering elegance of a small, unique, well designed boutique hotel.

If you are organizing an event or a business conference, choosing one of our lounges or conference halls will give your event that special touch of gathering in a prestigious and impressive hotel.

Hotel in Haifa: The prestigious Golden Crown Haifa

The Golden Crown Haifa, which overlooks the Bahai Gardens on one side and Haifa Port on the other, is an easy ten-minute walk from the underground funicular railway and is close to the leading business centers in Haifa.


All this, in addition to the hotel's well-designed and fully equipped rooms, make the hotel ideal for business people as well, who are visiting the city on business and looking for a hotel in Haifa.