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Come and choose from a variety ofattractions in Haifa

Choosing a vacation in Haifa is a wonderful choice. You can find a variety of attractions in Haifa of all types, whether for young people,families, adults or children.

In Haifa you will find museums for all ages, parks and zoos, excellent restaurants, and hiking trails, within walking distance or within only a short drive.

Hotel for travelers in the north

Even with the Coronavirus hovering over us, it is no longer possible to ignore the summer, and the atmosphere of freedom and recreation that comes with it.

If you too have a burning desire to take a break, maybe it's time to look for a hotel for devoted travelers in the northern region and get some peace of mind.

So, which travelers hotel in north Israel should you choose for your trip? If you wish to go with a recommended hotel

in Haifa, you should go for a hotel chain, which will offer you professional, pleasant and fast service, and a luxurious and

pampering stay – at a price affordable for all.

Of course, you should also choose a strategic location that provides easy access to any attraction that interests you, or at least enables convenient movement for the spontaneous among you.

Now that you have some inspiration, there is no time to waste. The time has come to devote some time to yourself, and to plan your dream vacation.

Here are some of the attraction in & around Haifa:

  • The German Colony
  • Bahai Gardens
  • Haifa Museum of Art
  • National Maritime Museum
  • National Museum of Science
  • Sculpture Garden, Stella Maris
  • Monastery
  • Haifa cable car
  • Louis Promenade
  • Haifa Educational Zoo
  • Haifa Theater
  •  Nature Reserves
  •  Carmel Forests
  •  Carmel wildlife reserve
  •  Markets
  •  A wide variety of restaurants and pubs,
  • and large shopping centers