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Attractions in Nazareth

When thinking of a travelers hotel in the northern region, most people think of the valley, the Galilee or the Golan, green and pleasant.

A vacation in the north is suitable for those who really want to get far away and spend time exclusively in nature.

What about those who don't want nature, or at least not only greenery and hikes – what do they do all the time?


The secret is to book a hotel somewhere that enables flexibility – a city that's close to nature, with both a view and entertainment, culture as well as wilderness.

That way, we can enjoy all worlds, and plan the trip we really want, with the exact amounts of anything and any type of attraction we want.

Although the city is well known and recognized all over the world due to its strong connection to Christianity, somehow, in our tiny country, Nazareth passes under the radar, and that's a shame.

You can find a wide variety of attractions that are unique to Nazareth, including archeological sites, authentic markets, and magnificent churches.

Of course, here too, you will find plenty of hiking trails.

  •  Here is a selection of attractions in Nazareth for you
  •  The Old City of Nazareth
  •  Nazareth Tourism Association
  •  Church of the Annunciation
  •  The Ancient Market
  •  Miriam's Well
  •  St. Joseph's Church (Carpentry)
  •  Mount Precipice
  •  Ancient Synagogue Site
  •  Churches, Monasteries and Hidden Mosques
  •  Zippori Archaeological Site
  •  Antiquities – Beit Shearim